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Where to Get Funds for Church Planting

The question as to where funds for church planting are secured is not easily answered. Yes, there are sources, but not everyone have equally attainable means of support. Others can easily put up a new church, financial-wise, because they have a strong backing from their mother church. Not to mention, a big mother church means similarly huge support. Not everybody has this privilege, however, so when one has the calling and the burden to start a new church, there’s not always an immediate answer. The difficulties, however, are only challenges to help you have an increase in faith and an improvement in character. Check out these examples of possible source of funding for planters who are planning to establish a new church.

Where-to-Get-Funds-for-Church-Planting-Partner Church Support
This will allow you to get funds for church planting by providing you with partial support. Plus, it creates healthy connections between the planters, the mother churches, and the partner churches. In this case, the partner church makes a contribution to the church planting ministry. One problem here is that support and contribution provided is not enough to fund the whole project. It is possible to have more than one partner church to complete the necessary funds, but the process of finding benefactors can be considered fund raising in itself, so you need to be able to present your facts in such a way that others will see the need to support your cause.

Working Wives
Let’s face it, working wives can help supplement in managing the expenses for church planting. It also gives the wife a valuable distraction from the burdens and responsibilities of church planting. On the other hand, her time and energy will be unavailable for the planter. This is a subjective issue. If the couple is fine with having the wife work outside of the ministry, then there shouldn’t be any problem. It all boils down to understanding and agreement. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a preacher’s wife to have a secular occupation. Not even for practicality, but respect. Ministry can be many things, depending on what you are called to for God’s glory. If you are to be a missionary nurse, then by all means do not get confined into the norms of society. Again, it all boils down to understanding between the two. Financial and emotional support is still support after all, not just time and presence.

Foundation Grants
Grants provide a great deal of assistance in the support raising process. Once you’ve secured a grant, you can instantly afford to launch your ministry. You apply for it and specify the purpose for which it will be used. There will then be a deliberation among the potential supporters as to the approval of the application. The only problem is that grants are hard to find, and it’s not renewable, so you might use up too much time just looking for foundation grants when you can focus your efforts instead on other equally beneficial, yet easily attainable fund support.

These are just three examples of possible sources of funds for your church planting ministry. The options are unlimited just as long as you know where to find. 2 Corinthians 9:8 “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.”

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