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21 August 2011 ~ 0 Comment

The Power of “?” in Marketing a Church

The Power of “?” in Marketing a Church

There is no specific formula to attaining success when it comes to marketing a church. Oftentimes, web administrators and church staff just come up with a combination of the usual and the not-so-usual strategies and techniques in existence without knowing … Find out more »

19 May 2011 ~ 0 Comment

Top Emerging Trends in Email Marketing


Email marketing is still one of the most used methods of advertising nowadays. This is the process of sending email messages to your clients as a form of marketing your products, services, or website. This is also actually considered one … Find out more »

30 April 2011 ~ 9 Comments

Cell Phone Marketing Strategies 101


Right here, right now where mobile is in, advertisers invest on providing advertisements via cell phone. Considering that users want everything to be delivered within a few clicks of their devices, they will only take time to consider the most … Find out more »

23 April 2011 ~ 34 Comments

Top 4 Advantages of SMS Bulk Marketing


There are several reasons as to why advertisers have opted for a mobile form of advertising, which is technically and artistically different from among all else – SMS bulk marketing. Sending text messages has a lot of advantages. It is … Find out more »

22 April 2011 ~ 41 Comments

Top Reason to Engage in Campaign Mobile


Business competition is tougher nowadays as more and more entrepreneurs venture into the world of merchandising. No matter how large your corporation is, there’s no guarantee of a top spot for anybody. That’s how it goes, so you really need … Find out more »

21 April 2011 ~ 0 Comment

SMS for Marketing Your Business – 3 Success Tips


Advertisers here and abroad are taking advantage of the latest advertising innovation in the form of mobile marketing. This method of promoting products is distinct and separate in many aspects. First of all, it provides direct communication for both the … Find out more »

16 April 2011 ~ 5 Comments

Advertising SMS – One of the Best Tools Today


For a fact, advertising does play a major role in how people market their products and services. Technological advancements, customer preferences, and the popularity of the Internet have entirely changed the face of advertising over the years. Today’s generation simply … Find out more »

15 April 2011 ~ 4 Comments

Business Text Messaging: 4 Steps to Success


Advertising trends have been established, and it is predicted that business text messaging is going to be one of the most successful channels of marketing today. Unless done properly, though, it will not produce results that match up to its … Find out more »

14 April 2011 ~ 7 Comments

Text Messaging Marketing for Business Types


Businesses, big and small, whether engaged in product sales or service offers, can indeed benefit from the countless features of text messaging marketing. This type of advertising is user-friendly, cost-effective, and the most reasonably priced among all other forms of … Find out more »

13 April 2011 ~ 11 Comments

Mobile Phones Advertising Features


It is estimated that about 84% of Americans carry some form of mobile gadget with them at all times. Even the market has gone mobile, and billions of dollars in revenue each year is being transacted through mobile devices. Along … Find out more »