Outreach Church Strategies for Evangelism

Evangelism should be one of the major aspects of focus when doing your strategies for church outreach. Of course, you want to share the gospel to those who have not heard, not only for the sake of obedience and accountability, but also because you care. On a different note, church websites are the most commonly used mediums for online evangelism, and it has proved to be effective on that aspect, but online ministry can’t do the work alone. You also need to pay attention to the basic strategies like group and one-on-one fellowships and interactions. Here are some examples of offline methods for your outreach programs:

Outreach-Church-Strategies-1. Fine Dining Event – Plan a formal dinner as your church outreach strategy. Instruct everybody to dress up for the occasion and invite a special evangelist to speak for the night. Families love fine dining, how much more if it’s free? You will need to have funds for the said event, but it will be worth it once you see how many souls have come into salvation because of that special event. Even without that ultimate reward, you still need to give your all and your best for the ministry. There’s no holding back when it comes to spiritual service. It’s important to encourage families, especially the parents to attend the activity, because they will play a huge role in the evangelism of their entire family.

2. Comedy Affair – Comedy can, indeed, bring people together. Clean fun should be the target here. Invite young people all over your community to come and see your comedy presentation. Your theme should focus on a Christian perspective, first of all. Show them that fun is not all about sarcasm, green jokes, and putting people down by imitating the negatives. Your group can do imitation without dwelling on the limitations of a person. Promote clean fun and entertainment, and ask for audience participation to make it more lively and interesting. You can also ask them to join your comedy club later on. Use it as a way to tell them about the gospel and also to show them the difference between a worldly and a Christian perspective, even in something so trivial such as comedy.

3. Costume Party – Organize a costume party for the young people and children with a biblical theme. Provide food, games, and a contest for the best in costume. Give a short evangelistic message halfway through the event to serve the purpose of the ministry. It would be good to have a different group for children and the young people to have a more focused discussion within their level of understanding. If parents are around, you can also create another group for them. Plan this activity well so you can make the most out of it.

These three, once done properly, can become very effective tools for your outreach ministry and evangelism. Once you reach out to the youth and the children, you will also be able to influence the rest of the community. Children can pave the way for parents to also know God in their lives. Reaching out to the community is a difficult task, but never futile, so never get tired of giving your time, money, and service for the work of the Lord.

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