Simple and Unique Ideas for Church Outreach

Young churches can do so much to strengthen and develop their ministry with various effective ideas for church outreach available today. Any opportunity you can get to share facts and info regarding your activities can go a long way when it comes to church planting and marketing. The growth and development of a church should be a priority, and for no other reason than, because it is your responsibility to share the truth about God’s Word. Seek the lost and encourage the weak brethren. Monetary gains can, of course, be expected along with the expansion of any religious establishment, but this should, in no way, be the reason why you should work hard in extending the ministry. To begin with, here are three effective and relevant activities you can utilize for the promotion of your church, given that you already have an online church website, which is one of the best methods of church marketing today:

Simple-and-Unique-Ideas-for1. Outdoor/Indoor Concert – This is one great church outreach idea in that it caters to the fact that people love entertainment, so you can utilize it to your advantage in reaching out to your community. Some churches have held indoor “praise and worship” and outdoor concerts and have drawn a large number of people in the process. Organizing concerts need not be expensive. Find good musicians who understand and support your advocacies. These individuals would usually play and perform for a simple meal and love offering as compensation. Entertain your audience with good music, and then introduce the gospel to them within a short break in the middle of the presentation.

2. Trunk or Treat on Halloween – This is a safer version of the traditional “trick-or-treat”. This is actually a fun and simple process of dressing up in costumes, decorating cars in Halloween theme, and giving out candies to the neighborhood children from your car trunks. Instead of children going door-to-door for treats, you give them a better alternative by letting them come to you collectively. Plus, you can have a small children’s fellowship with them. Parents will have no worries about their children coming to a church-sponsored “trunk or treat”, and they could even come themselves. It would be nice to have another fellowship group with the parents, where you can have time to share, to talk, and to invite them to come back.

3. Parenting or Marriage Workshop – Conduct a parenting or marriage workshop and invite the whole community. There is definitely a “market demand” for such an outreach since there are lots of unstable marriages in today’s society. Plus, divorce is still on the rise. Give good counsel, and always focus on a godly perspective. Everything that’s going on in the world is God’s will, so it would be best if you make it clear to them that if they are faithful in seeking God first, then all else will follow, including a blissful marriage. When people feel your sincerity and see the wisdom in your advices, they will see that as an excellent Christian testimony and can be one of the reasons for them to draw closer to the church.

Give these tips a try and see for yourself how they can be effective milestones in bridging relationships between your church and the community. The possibilities are endless, in fact. Any chance you can get, if there’s a conviction to share, do not delay, for you will be accountable for that missed opportunity you have been given. Press on!

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