The Best Church Outreach Ideas You Will Find

There are hundreds of ways on how you can extend your presence in your community. Like what they say, the measure of a church’s growth reflects on the number of lives they have touched, and mostly that means the congregation. So, it should be a surprise if you have been standing for 90 long years, yet the number of your members hasn’t even grown twice as much. That means you’re not really effective as a church. Remember that “A tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” In the same way as the parable of the talents, if you don’t use it, it will be taken from you. So before it’s too late, consider these church outreach ideas and start planting seeds towards a fruitful ministry.

The-Best-Church-Outreach-Ideas-You-Will-Find1. Get out of your church. Literally. You can’t spend your whole life enclosed within the four walls of your church. Go out and share the Word of God. In your entire community, probably not even 30% are Christians, so it’s your job to minister to the 70%. The reason why you are where you are now is because God wanted to use you in that particular area. If it weren’t so, then you would have been somewhere else. Going out means, going house to house, or conducting a fellowship in a public arena where all members of the community are invited. You can also hold benefit concerts with a short evangelical message afterwards. Basketball ministry can also be very effective towards young boys who want to learn how to play. There are a lot of church outreach ideas you can actually make use of.

2. Distribute tracks. This is the most common method of reaching out to others, but you also need to up it a little. People have been used to Christian groups distributing tracks and all that they sort of stereotyped them altogether as boring and redundant. In order to get people interested in reading your tracks, you need to improve the quality of your handouts. Show pictures that you think are the best representations of what is written inside. As to the text, don’t write articles that are too long. One of the best methods you can do is the question-and-answer type. Be straight to the point. What’s important is that you convey the message of salvation. Also, place contact details of your church so people would know where to go in case your message has touched them and they want to know more about Jesus.

3. Create a church website. This is among the most effective church planting strategies today. You can reach out to a large number of audiences over the Internet if you have a church website. Of course, you may have to invest in certain tools in order to improve the quality of your site and to attract a number of visitors per day. The more people who come to your site, the better. Create interesting flash images to attract visitors to click on your links. Write motivational stories. Embed church videos that talk about evangelism. There’s so much you can do to minister through your site, so take advantage of it.

If you are a true believer, you would stop at nothing when it comes to sharing the message of salvation. So, keep the fire burning. Be a blessing just as much as you have been blessed by God’s grace.

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